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Greetings from somewhere on earth,


Of the many things I enjoy, traveling has proved to be one of the most fulfilling. There’s just something about it. Growing up, I never even envisioned leaving the country, and the first time I did, I left the continent for four months. Two weeks into my travel, I decided I never wanted to come home (which makes me laugh til’ this day, impulsive, I know). Mind you, I was 18, and had no savings. Long story short, my mother and grandmother flew to London to convince me to come home three months in to my trip. Although I did come home, one month later, I have a travel bug I just cannot shake. As we already know from my London trip, being impulsive is something I have a teeny-weeny habit of doing. Which leads me to the most important info on this page, why Journey With Lee was created.


Journey With Lee was flung together in a very quick weekend out of fear. Fear that, like most things I would love to accomplish in life, I may not be able achieve. Fear that, if I did not buy this domain at that very moment and start writing immediately, I would always be afraid and always stare, from a distance, at a possibility that could be.

My hope is that this journey will go beyond travel tips, mistakes, ideas, and wild adventures. But that this website will be for you, what I hope it will become for me. A stepping stone, a journal of inspiration, and an archive of history, experiences, and knowledge. If transparency, hardships, and insistence inspires you, then this site will always be here for your encouragement and stimulation.

I do not plan to blab about myself in any way that comes anything close to egotistical. Rather, providing lessons learned, tips needed and opinions molded by every piece of adversity and fortune I meet. All while traveling and living on this beautiful thing, we call earth.  



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  1. Yayyyyy sis!!!! I love this and I am totally here for it !!! Congratulations… imma finish reading your page now lol

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