Best Free Travel Apps in 2017

Best Free Travel Apps in 2017

We all know phone and laptop apps make life easier, at least they are supposed to. In this post I will be counting down the best free travel apps to use in 2017.

#14 WiFi Map

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Android and IOS- Free

When traveling finding free wifi can be a difficult taks but not with this travel app. WiFi Map is an app that allows you to access free wifi networks and their passwords, which are crowdsourced by members of that surrounding area. Best of all, it’s free. Also, maps can be downloaded to be used while offline. Many have warned of using public networks, always be sure to be careful when exposing your technology. Nonetheless, this is definitely one of the best free travel apps.

#13 Turo

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Android and IOS- Free

Formerly known as RelayRides, this is another peer-to-peer app that lets you bypass the wellknown rental car companies and their hefty fees, and rent cars directly from their owners. Only available in the U.S. and Canada, on Turo you search for the car you want, where you want it, and save up 35% less than traditional agencies.

#12 Zomato

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One of the easiest ways to discover great food around you. With much of the information being upload by the users themselves, you can avoid the hassle of finding a place you will truly enjoy. Foodies around the world share their experiences, and help ensure you can find what you are looking for. Items can be search by a number of filters including location, cuisine type, user ratings, delivery, take away, cost, wifi and so much more. Most important, the app has is used in more than 10,000 cities and 24 countries. Eat on my friends. Eat on.

 #11 Stubhub

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We all know I love saving money, right? But I still want to enjoy myself while traveling… Just on a budget of course. With Stubhub, its users are able to purchase tickets to events ranging from live sports, theatre events, live concerts and so much more at a discounted price. Being as though this is a travel site, I cannot forget to mention that it offers tickets to events in more than 40 countries.

#10 Accuweather

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If your phone does not have a weather app pre-downloaded, be sure to download the Accuweather app for up-to-date weather information for cities and countries worldwide. Nothing worse than dressing for the wrong weather. Prior to traveling it is important to look at the future forecast for your destination to ensure that you are packing what you need.

#9 Uber & Lyft

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Android and IOS- Free

These two apps are interchangeable in reference to purpose, nonetheless, the two companies differ greatly in regards to access. Uber is used in 633 cities and 80 countries.  Whereas Lyft is in roughly 300 cities only within the United States for now. The two companies to offer the same general product, a means of reliable transportation by pairing people who need a ride with people are willing to give a ride for a fee based on supply and demand at any given time.

**There are other riding sharing apps out there, one just needs to find which one is most common in your destination country.

  #8 Google Translate

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When traveling to a new destination, to really immerse myself, I try my best to learn a few phrases in advance. Google translate makes this easy by quickly translating words and phrases. With the new abiity to download language packs in advance, this app can also be used offline. Another cool trick it offers is the ability to translate signs and menus. This definitely comes in handy while traveling.

#7 Freebird

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Although only available in for domestic flights within the US, Freebird allows you to rebook your flights when they get canceled, delayed, or disrupted. You must register your flight atlleast two days before your departure, and if something occurs you can skip the line and instantly book a new ticket on any other airline. If you try it out, leave a comment and let us know how it worked out for you!

#6 AirHelp

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Airhelp does exactly what is says it does, helps you claim compensation if your flight is delayed, canceled, or overbooked. The average payout is $500usd, but up to $700usd per passenger is possible. Keep in mind, there is no fee ofr their help unless you receive compensation. Best part for many of us who are just learning of this app, is that you can receive compensation for flights within the last three years. Combine this app with Freebird.

#5 Airmule

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For all of those light packers out there, if you have any extra space in your luggage, you can get paid for it. All of the shipments are verified by the company, and payments are direct deposited to your bank accounr. Users can get paid up to $500 per round trip flight. Best part, the Airmule travel box you’d be carrying can be picked up at your departure airport, and dropped off at your arrival airport. Simple.Safe.Secure.

#4 Airbnb

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Everyone knows of Airbnb, it’s been around for some time now. Many aren’t aware of their new additions to their website and offerings. Not only do they offer vacation rentals, as they always have, they also offer experiences and restaurants as well. The ‘Experiences’ are peer-to-peer mini adventures and experiences you can buy for your trips and travels abroad. Just pick your dates, location, and pick filters based on your preferences. Still as user friendly as they have always been.

#3 PlanChat

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Planchat is a one-stop-shop for planning a vacation. Similar to most messaging platforms only it’s designed specifically for trip planning. Planchat allows you to create an itinerary with your fellow travelers, catch deals on hotel and airfare, create polls for people to collaborate and vote on ideas, share photos and videos, build maps of your planned locations, split bills instantly, or tally running tabs, just an all-around great app which is why it made my lift for the best free travel apps.

#2 PackPoint

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Of course, you can always check a packing post on JourneyWithLee, after that PackPoint makes packing a breeze. By inputting length of travel, planned activities, and weather forecast at your destination, PackPoint will organize a custom packing list for your trip. Forgetting something at home 2,000 miles away should no longer worry you with the use of this app. Providing a list of general items as well as the items related to your activities ensures this. If you feel you do not need an item, just remove it and keep on packing! Don’t forget that you can share your packing list with friends.

  #1 Citymapper

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If you’ve read my post about common travel mistakes, you’d know about the importance of having map when charting unknown territory. Citymapper makes public transit easier than it has ever been before. Citymappers’ never-ending updates are efficient because the user plays a large part in the design of the maps. The app provides multiples means of displaying the navigation whether it be subway lines, trolleys, buses, rail, walking, driving, anything you can think of. It also provides bus times, travel time and the ability to send your trip to another cellphone. Pretty useful when traveling with friends or even in your hometown. Citymapper is currently available for roughly 40 countries. When not in use, google maps is a backup option.


When considering the best travel apps on the market, what is best is determined by each individuals needs. The best free travel apps for a solo traveler might not include Planchat, whereas the best free travel apps for a polyglot might not include Google Translate. If you have your own favorites share them in the comments below!

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