Ways to Get More Trips Out of Your Trip

Ways to Get More Trips Out of Your Trip

Have you ever read one of those blogs where someone visited three cities in one trip? Were you wondering how they fit so many trips within one trip, without raising the price drastically or extending the length of the trip? It’s not as difficult as it seems, let me share some cool tricks so you can do the same.

In order to do this, the options are as follows, book a multi-stop plane ticket, rent a car and drive city to city, or catch a bus. The bus is by far the cheapest option amongst the three and often the most convenient. With the plane you have to go through check in and security, be there two hours early, and often come out of pocket for transport to the city center. Renting a car can also be hassle for those of us who are traveling alone. Driving for 5-8 hours isn’t an easy feat. Some rental companies also require that you drop it off where you picked it up and charge excessive fees for mileage. That leaves the bus trips. They are cheaper and often save you more money than you’d imagine.

However, I must say that the idea of traveling on a bus with strangers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if it suits you, or you are at least willing to try it, then this post should be helpful.


Here’s an example of how to get more trips out of our trip without increasing the cost drastically. I have cut and pasted actual screenshots of the costs for each additional trip added and summed it all up at the end.

All of these prices are factual at the time of this post and were found online December 18th 2017.

To go from JFK (New York, USA) to (Paris, France), round trip, on Norwegian Airlines January 22nd 2017-February 5th 2017 costs: $560.00 USD.

  • Flixbus trip from (Paris, France) to (Amsterdam, Holland) on January 24th 2017 €19.00 EURO
  • Flixbus trip from (Amsterdam, Holland) to (Frankfurt, Germany) on January 26th 2017 €25.00 EURO
  • Flixbus trip from (Frankfurt, Germany) to (Brussels, Belgium) on January 28th 2017 €19.00 EURO
  • Flixbus trip from (Brussels, Belgium) to (London, England) on January 30th 2017 €19.00 EURO
  • Flixbus trip from (London England) to (Paris, France) on February 2nd 2017 €18.90 EUR


Total Cost for the Trip

In total, this trip includes 5 cities, 15 days, at the starting cost of $679.00 USD ($560.20 USD + $119.03 USD). I am using the phrase starting cost because food and lodging is not included in this cost. However, many people spend more than $700 for an international roundtrip ticket coming from the US, alone. The next time you book a trip somewhere, find the cheapest place to fly to, and then bus to the rest of the destinations. There are many benefits to bussing it. For starters, you can bus overnight, which saves you the cost of lodging for those nights, and you’d also get to look at the scenery you are driving through rather than being so far above it on a plane. Lastly, when catching the bus, you are often dropped in the middle of the city, which is not something I can say for most planes. This saves you the shuttle bus cost from the airport to the inner city.

Be sure to always thoroughly view your options when traveling abroad. There are hacks and ways to save with everything you do. Flixbus and Megabus are some of the most well-known long-distance bus companies for Europe and Canada as well as the United States, but they are not the only companies. There’s also BoltBus in the US and Greyhound in North America. Always do your research as there may be something out there waiting for you to find it. Remember, every journey is different.

Feel free to share the tips, tricks, and hacks you use to make your journey a breeze. Contact Journeywithlee@gmail.com for advice or to request topics.

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